About Taye

Hi everyone. Welcome to the blog! I am 23 with a degree in business management, although I am heading back to school in the spring. I am a serious travel enthusiast! I have traveled to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China through the university; along with studying abroad in Athens, Greece. I have also been to Jamaica and Mexico on missions trips through church. In 2010 (I think it was the summer of 2010... time seriously flies... and has this mysterious habit of all mushing together) my sister, Taryn, and I backpacked through Europe... although we were less than the model backpacker and decided hostels were just not our thing. Spring Break of 2008 I spent with Lorenzo (he was my exchange student from Italy) traveling around Italy and Taryn and I got to see Him and his sister, Cristina, on our travels backpacking. They are seriously like family. Lately I have decided to settle down... a bit. I bought a house October of 2010 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Currently I am in the process of a slight remodel so this should get interesting! The best part of my life though.... my Savior! Life is never dull and I am so blessed and happy to be diving deeper into his precious arms and being taught constantly by Him! My family too is absolutely amazing! Life has not seen better parents than Blake and Fawn. Seriously God worked overtime on them! My sister Taryn is such a amazing friend and just all around an amazement. She is one of those girls who is stunning, smart, and ridiculously talented... so... you know... one of those girls who just disgusts you :) (I really love you Taryn). Trayton and Takaylah are the highlight, they are just those crazy kids who can make you smile even when you are having a bad day. My Family and My God.... really thats all a girl needs in life :) That and some crazy awesome adventures!